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Red Catolica Intergenial gives you one full year of service, at no additional cost.

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Red Católica Intergenial® is a complete solution that by means of a CD allows you to use the Internet to its full capacity, since it contains the email accounts you need, enough space to send and receive your messages, your own domain name (. com .org .net) and all the programs and services for you to design and have your own website, all this for a full year, without intermediaries, without contracts,without monthly rents and at an incredible price.

25 Email Accounts

To use Intergenial Catholic Network®, you do not need to be an expert and it contains all the interactive tools to be on the Internet. Give flight to your creativity, design and manage your own website, if you are a priest, promote the pastoral activities of your parish; If you are a Catholic musician, promote your productions and make your catalog online; If you are a committed lay person and you have a pastoral activity,

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Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is service, which offers a virtual space to store your data. Cloud hosting is available on many websites nowadays. It is common at present, if you are an internet user, then you must be aware of it.

What is Cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a virtual space, where we can store our valuable files and priceless moments. Cloud storage takes the responsibility to keep your data safe and far away from others. It only gives you access to your files and data. It requires you to go through a sign-up process which makes your official ID on that website, where you want to upload files and access them on any cloud storage you use. After doing the sign-up process, the website grants you access to your ID through which you can keep your data safe and accessible from anywhere.

How Is Cloud hosting useful to share your file?

Cloud storage is used to keep anyone’s data safe and out of reach from others, who do not have access to those files or data. However, if you are using that storage for your official use, then you can share your data or any particular file with other people, who are working on any project with you or whom you want to share your data.

What are the benefits of Cloud hosting?

  1. All files are online and offline available.
  2. Files can be shared in many places at one click.
  3. In the event of a computer being worn, files can be quickly withdrawn in any new computer.
  4. Files can be accessed together in Mobile, computer, laptop, etc.
  5. You can take advantage of this facility free of charge.
  6. No additional hardware is needed.
  7. It is very easy to use.
  8. Files can also be edited online.

Is Cloud storage 100% safe?

No, it is nearly 100% safe because of its security layers and servers. However, we can’t declare it 100% safe. It has few drawbacks like:-

  1. You can’t access your files, you have stored on cloud storage without internet. It is the major drawback of cloud storage.
  2. If someone else got your access ID and Password, then he can easily access your files or data you kept on cloud storage due to the safety issue. Cloud storage grant him access as an authorized user.
  3. If you have kept your data on cloud storage for privacy then, you must know that no one else has access to your files expect two persons. 1st is the one who kept his files over there, and the 2nd individual is the person who made that server or who owns that server. They both can access the files anytime anywhere. Where the 1st one can access only his files or data but, the 2nd individual who is the owner of that server can access anyone’s files without any issue.


Overall, it is safe and very convenient. The best part is that you don’t need to compromise with your device for storages. You don’t need to delete any click of your memory because cloud storage makers know that memories are priceless that is why they made cloud storage which has no storage limits. Cloud storage has no limits except few, which makes it much more impressive and accessible. Cloud hosting is a kind of revolutionary step.

Various Types of Web Hosting Services

Various Types of Web Hosting Services

Web hosting companies’ main responsibilities includes providing web space, services and server maintenance for companies or individuals who have a website. But did you know that there are various types of web hosting services? Try to check out this list and see which type of web hosting would best suit your website.Various Types of Web Hosting Services

Dedicated Hosting:

Dedicated Hosting is a hosting type that will allow you to rent a complete server which you can use for one or more websites. Transfer of assets is not necessary with this kind of hosting services because either your or the web host have possession of the equipment. Client will take full responsibility of the business procedures, strategic course and other tasks except for hosting operations which is taken cared by the provider.

Free Hosting:

This type of hosting does not require any fee. But since it is free, it has limitation with its features. It will usually provide you a small web space or will not allow you to have your own domain name. This type of web hosting is recommended for beginners or people who would like to create personal website.

Reseller Hosting:

Businessmen or entrepreneurs would prefer to have this type of hosting service. It will allow them to put up a business by simply acquiring the right to resell web hosting services. This is being offered by many Web Hosting Companies because they are able to sell more since this is considered as wholesale. Then reseller then would repackage the web host services and brand them as their own to attract different types of customers.

Root Server hosting:

Root Server is designed for technical savvy people who would wish to do whatever they want to do with their acquired web host domain since you will have access to the root server. With this type of hosting, the provider is only expected to be responsible of the hardware and installation issue. All other aspects will then be managed by the clients. This includes file backups, software upgrades and the like. Root Server hosting will allow you to choose hardware requirements and the type of systems that would best suit your needs.

Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting, also known as virtual hosting, works in such a way that customers use the same server where all files and application are saved. In this type of hosting, the web hosting provider manages the equipment and server. They may even have technicians who can manage and monitor these servers. Most companies prefer this type of hosting because it is proven to be efficient and cheaper. But some companies have different restrictions and benefits when it comes to shared hosting so it is better to ask so you know what you will get if ever you will opt for their service.

Choosing the best type of web hosting is not what you are after. Rather you need to know the needs of your website first and then you can easily choose which type of web hosting service will best fill in those needs.

Tips for a Successful Web Hosting Reseller Business

Tips for a Successful Web Hosting Reseller Business

Web Hosting Reseller Business may sound so complicated to put up. You may also think that aiming success on such business is difficulty, but you are wrong. It is actually a fairly straightforward process which would require careful planning and time.

Tips for a Successful Web Hosting Reseller Business

Web Hosting Reseller Business:

If you are familiar with what an Insurance agent or Real estate agent does, then this is quite similar with a web hosting reseller. The difference is that a web hosting reseller actually acquires the rights to sell a domain service. So what you would just do is to sell this well established web host to prospect customers looking for a web space and web services so they can put up their business online.

Website To Market:

To start of, you have to look for a reliable web hosting company that would allow you to have multiple web hosting accounts which means having multiple domain names. This would not only allow you to create several websites for your clients but you may also create your own website to market your Web Hosting Reseller business.

Web Hosting Company:

Ensure that your web hosting company provides several access to the control panel of each websites. This means that, as a reseller, should have access to your client’s website control panel while your client can also manage his own website. It is also important that your web host has the ability to hide the original web host provider so that your clients would think that you are offering direct services to them and they are not hosted by another company.

To Be Successful:

For any business, you have to build trust with your clients. And that is why, at the start of your transaction, you should provide copies of terms and conditions, contract and other necessary documents. This way, you can easily resolve any conflict or problem that may arise and which may have legal implications.

Customer Support:

It is also best that you provide customer support so that when your clients have problems, they can easily reach you and have their problem fixed in no time. Remember, that the clients’ websites are important to them since most of them are building websites for their business. So it is a must that you attend immediately to their needs.

Venturing into Web hosting reseller business is just easy as it does not require any specific expertise. What is more challenging is making it successful once you are on it. But by simply using the tips that I have mentioned above you will surely be going up on your ladder to a Successful Web Hosting Reseller Business.

Easiest Way to Switch Over to Another Web Hosting Company

Easiest Way to Switch Over to Another Web Hosting Company

When your business is growing and expanding to the point that your current web hosting company can no longer handle your requirements, the best solution is to switch to a new web hosting company. However, this is not an easy task because you need to take in consideration a lot of factors before you switch over to a new one.

Easiest Way to Switch Over to Another Web Hosting Company

Well Develop Plan:

Even in our day to day life, having a well develop plan is a must so you can go on smoothly with any endeavors that you make. So make sure that you have a proper plan laid out before moving to a new web hosting company.

In most cases, the transition from one web hosting company to another would take at least a month to two. But your first task is to find a more reliable and secure web hosting company that can cater to all your needs. Then consider the things that may happen in the future especially if your website is becoming more and more successful.

So What Are The Files That You Need To Back Up?

Next is to back up everything that you have on your old web hosting company. Your backup will act like insurance that whatever may happen you still have your files in tact. This includes HTML files, scripts, graphics, text files, documents and all other files needed for your website to work properly.

Once you have everything back up and received a confirmation from the new web hosting company that your account is activated, you can start the ball running. Read carefully the instructions on how to do file transfer from your old server to the new one. Or just upload all your files to your new server.

New Web Hosting:

It will also a good practice not to immediately cancel your account on your old web hosting company not until you have transferred all your files to the new one. Also, you have to ensure that the new one is working effectively so you may want to stick with your old provider for about 2 months just for your security. So try to preview your work if your new web hosting provider has that feature so you will know if everything is working fine.

Once you have everything in place, you can now use your new domain name server (DNS) which is usually provided by the new web hosting company. When you have your new site up and running, then you can now start your new web life with the new web hosting provider you have.

Choosing The Right Web Hosting Company

Choosing The Right Web Hosting Company

When you have decided to start a website there is a major factor to consider and that is web hosting. Picking the right web hosting company is very important in order for you to get the best service possible. Many services are provided and this must be considered.

Choosing The Right Web Hosting Company

Right Web Hosting:

When looking around for the right web hosting company as few key elements are a must.

Make sure they provide at the least the following elements:

  • 99% Uptime- What this means is that they guarantee the websites to be up and running 99% of the time.
  • 24/7 customer support via phone or online
  • Fast and secure servers

Web Hosting Companies:

Those are the minimum requirements for web hosting and many web hosting companies offer free additions as well. You can find some that offer free email, free web development tools, free optimization, and much more.
Try to keep in mind that the cheapest does not always mean it is a good deal. However, on the flip side of things being the most expensive does not mean it is a quality web hosting company either.

What Type Of Website You Are Hosting:

Another thing for example if it is a WordPress site then you need a web hosting company that supports WordPress. Some of the web hosting plans may not offer this and this would ruin the whole event. However, there are many web hosting companies that offer free WordPress integration as well as for other content management solutions such as Drupal. So keep in mind of not only what you want to use it for now but also what you may use it for later on down the road.

Essentially you are looking for a web hosting company that gives you the most bang for your buck. It will not take long to figure out who that will be.

Best Free Web Hosting Sites: Post to Host

Best Free Web Hosting Sites

There are thousands of free web hosts out there. Most just require you to have some kind of ad on your site. But, there is another type of free hosting that only requires you to do something most of us do everyday.I have personally used one Post to Host service. The site I had there no longer exists, but not due to the host. I had some issues that kept me from keeping up with it, but the host was one of the best I’ve seen anywhere. That host is FusionXHost, which is the first on my list below. One of the things I like about this host is that they didn’t require a determined amount of posts, they used a points system. This, for me, was much easier.

Best Free Web Hosting Sites


I have provided a link to every site on the list so you can check out all of their features, but I only listed the features I look for here. Those are, disk space, bandwidth limit, PHP, Mysql, type of control panel used, and amount of post/points need to keep hosting. Another thing to look for with a Post to Host service is how active their forum is. If there is nothing to post about there, it will be hard to keep your hosting.

Below is a list of hosts I’ve found. I have also scanned their forums to see how their quality and downtime is.

Plans: 3

Space: 200MB-400MB

Bandwidth: 12GB-36GB

Mysql Databases: 5-20

Control Panel: CPanel Pro

Requirements: 75-150 Points/Month


Plans: 3

Space: 100MB-1GB

Bandwidth: 2GB-5GB

Mysql Databases: Unlimited on all plans

Control Panel: cPanel

Requirements: 20-55 Posts (One Time Only…Not Monthly)

Yurx (

Plans: 3

Space: 25MB-1GB

Bandwidth: 1GB-20GB

Mysql Databases: 1-10

Control Panel: CPanel

Requirements: 0-100 Posts (One Time Only…Not Monthly)

EJ (

Plans: 5

Space: 300MB-5GB

Bandwidth: 3GB-15GB

Mysql Databases: 3-50

Control Panel: CPanel

Requirements: 0-65 Posts Every 2 Weeks

Although there many Post to Host services out there, these are the 4 best I’ve seen. Check out the link I posted under resources. At that site you can see many ads showing Post to Host deals. Just be sure to check the forum activity and host uptime/downtime.

HostGator Web Host Review

HostGator Web Host Review

After being a member of Host Gator for four months, I have nothing but praise. I’ve tried a lot of web host, free and paid over the past year and I assure you that the service they offer for such a low price is phenomenal.I’m not going to lie; you will need to get familiar with the interface if you never used Cpanel before.But they have great tutorials, and video tutorials that will walk you threw each step, and if you get stuck at any point I know I did.They have 24/7 tech support that will literally walk you threw everything or do it for you.

HostGator Web Host Review

HostGator Review:

I had an issue with my web design software, uploading to my ftp server on HostGator,

After an hour of nearly instant chat support, the tech download my software, created a new ftp server, gave me the info to use it, then watched as I uploaded each file to ensure they made it to my public_html folder.

I would have never expected this high of tech support from a company that only makes less the 15 dollars a month from me. I’ve paid more then that an hour with previous help when I was using another hosting service.

Uptime what can I say; my site has literally been up for four months and has never been down. They offer unlimited traffic, uploads, downloads and more. I’ve been putting them to the test; I had 600 visitors for the month of September thus far and still no issues.

I’ve uploaded 3 gigabytes of files in a single day, and still no complaints on their end.

They offer so much for so little, this truly is one of the diamonds in the ruff sites that sound to good to be true, but deliver on everything they claim.

So if your looking for a place to invest a small fraction of money per month into for all the bells and whistles like php, mysql, java, Cpanel and more Look no further.

  • This host will give your personal or business site the flexibility and stability you desire.
  • Use any of your favorite web design software or one of their free ones in your Cpanel to get up and going.
  • Use the coupon code hgonepenny to secure your first month for just a penny



Choosing the Best Internet Web Hosting for your Business Needs

Choosing the Best Internet Web Hosting for your Business Needs

If you are beginning a small online business or if you currently have an online business, you know that it is important to the success of your company that you have the right web host for website. There are several basic things to know about choosing the best one for your business. Factors such as the cost, the bandwidth provided, the storage space that you need, and how often the server is down will definitely affect your choice.

Choosing the Best Internet Web Hosting for your Business Needs

The types of internet web hosting:

Internet web hosting services provide a space on the Internet for your company. These services host the webpages on your website. Most of them also offer email service as well, and it is often possible to have your own domain name. An Internet service provider (ISP) that offers free services is usually best for very small businesses or those that do not require much space. Free services have advertising on them, and it can be very distracting to those who visit website to find out more about your company. It is not regarded as being completely professional to use one of these free web hosting services for some reasons. First of all, your business may not be able to have your domain in address. You may be required to have your business at yahoo dot com or another host that is normally for individual use. Secondly, many people do not see and interpret web addresses such as these as being completely professional. It is like a label telling them that your business is new and not yet experienced enough to afford a paid web host.

Free versus paid:

Although it is possible to use Internet web hosting that is free, it does not allow you to have your own server. You are actually sharing space on the Internet with many other people. The problem is that as your business grows and more customers attempt to access your site, it is often better to have your own server. You will then have more space so you can add webpages. You can do more business this way by having a webpage that tells about your company. These pages are often labeled About Us. It’s also a common practice to add pages that you will need to allow your customers to use their credit or debit cards to buy product. More space allows you to explain your products and the benefits of using them to prospective customers. It also allows you to expand on their descriptions, benefits, ingredients, and other information about them. It is even possible to add surveys, contests, and other ways to build relationships with clients or customers that will help build loyal followers of your product.

Paid web hosting is a small investment that most entrepreneurs consider to be a necessity when beginning an online business. It is definitely necessary for expansion such as adding new products. It is actually fairly inexpensive to purchase. There is a lot of competition with companies that host websites, so the buyer can often get a good deal on an annual fee. Prices are charged according to the bandwidth provided, the space that the user has access to, and the reputation and experience of the company. A reliable company has very little downtime, so this is the best type to choose for business. It ensures that your customers don’t get discouraged if the site is down and go somewhere else to buy a similar product or service. A good Internet web hosting service offers all of these features.

Learn more about available web hosting who can be found online on many different websites. For more information, visit online at

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