There are thousands of free web hosts out there. Most just require you to have some kind of ad on your site. But, there is another type of free hosting that only requires you to do something most of us do everyday.I have personally used one Post to Host service. The site I had there no longer exists, but not due to the host. I had some issues that kept me from keeping up with it, but the host was one of the best I’ve seen anywhere. That host is FusionXHost, which is the first on my list below. One of the things I like about this host is that they didn’t require a determined amount of posts, they used a points system. This, for me, was much easier.

Best Free Web Hosting Sites


I have provided a link to every site on the list so you can check out all of their features, but I only listed the features I look for here. Those are, disk space, bandwidth limit, PHP, Mysql, type of control panel used, and amount of post/points need to keep hosting. Another thing to look for with a Post to Host service is how active their forum is. If there is nothing to post about there, it will be hard to keep your hosting.

Below is a list of hosts I’ve found. I have also scanned their forums to see how their quality and downtime is.

Plans: 3

Space: 200MB-400MB

Bandwidth: 12GB-36GB

Mysql Databases: 5-20

Control Panel: CPanel Pro

Requirements: 75-150 Points/Month


Plans: 3

Space: 100MB-1GB

Bandwidth: 2GB-5GB

Mysql Databases: Unlimited on all plans

Control Panel: cPanel

Requirements: 20-55 Posts (One Time Only…Not Monthly)

Yurx (

Plans: 3

Space: 25MB-1GB

Bandwidth: 1GB-20GB

Mysql Databases: 1-10

Control Panel: CPanel

Requirements: 0-100 Posts (One Time Only…Not Monthly)

EJ (

Plans: 5

Space: 300MB-5GB

Bandwidth: 3GB-15GB

Mysql Databases: 3-50

Control Panel: CPanel

Requirements: 0-65 Posts Every 2 Weeks

Although there many Post to Host services out there, these are the 4 best I’ve seen. Check out the link I posted under resources. At that site you can see many ads showing Post to Host deals. Just be sure to check the forum activity and host uptime/downtime.