Cloud hosting is service, which offers a virtual space to store your data. Cloud hosting is available on many websites nowadays. It is common at present, if you are an internet user, then you must be aware of it.

What is Cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a virtual space, where we can store our valuable files and priceless moments. Cloud storage takes the responsibility to keep your data safe and far away from others. It only gives you access to your files and data. It requires you to go through a sign-up process which makes your official ID on that website, where you want to upload files and access them on any cloud storage you use. After doing the sign-up process, the website grants you access to your ID through which you can keep your data safe and accessible from anywhere.

How Is Cloud hosting useful to share your file?

Cloud storage is used to keep anyone’s data safe and out of reach from others, who do not have access to those files or data. However, if you are using that storage for your official use, then you can share your data or any particular file with other people, who are working on any project with you or whom you want to share your data.

What are the benefits of Cloud hosting?

  1. All files are online and offline available.
  2. Files can be shared in many places at one click.
  3. In the event of a computer being worn, files can be quickly withdrawn in any new computer.
  4. Files can be accessed together in Mobile, computer, laptop, etc.
  5. You can take advantage of this facility free of charge.
  6. No additional hardware is needed.
  7. It is very easy to use.
  8. Files can also be edited online.

Is Cloud storage 100% safe?

No, it is nearly 100% safe because of its security layers and servers. However, we can’t declare it 100% safe. It has few drawbacks like:-

  1. You can’t access your files, you have stored on cloud storage without internet. It is the major drawback of cloud storage.
  2. If someone else got your access ID and Password, then he can easily access your files or data you kept on cloud storage due to the safety issue. Cloud storage grant him access as an authorized user.
  3. If you have kept your data on cloud storage for privacy then, you must know that no one else has access to your files expect two persons. 1st is the one who kept his files over there, and the 2nd individual is the person who made that server or who owns that server. They both can access the files anytime anywhere. Where the 1st one can access only his files or data but, the 2nd individual who is the owner of that server can access anyone’s files without any issue.


Overall, it is safe and very convenient. The best part is that you don’t need to compromise with your device for storages. You don’t need to delete any click of your memory because cloud storage makers know that memories are priceless that is why they made cloud storage which has no storage limits. Cloud storage has no limits except few, which makes it much more impressive and accessible. Cloud hosting is a kind of revolutionary step.