When your business is growing and expanding to the point that your current web hosting company can no longer handle your requirements, the best solution is to switch to a new web hosting company. However, this is not an easy task because you need to take in consideration a lot of factors before you switch over to a new one.

Easiest Way to Switch Over to Another Web Hosting Company

Well Develop Plan:

Even in our day to day life, having a well develop plan is a must so you can go on smoothly with any endeavors that you make. So make sure that you have a proper plan laid out before moving to a new web hosting company.

In most cases, the transition from one web hosting company to another would take at least a month to two. But your first task is to find a more reliable and secure web hosting company that can cater to all your needs. Then consider the things that may happen in the future especially if your website is becoming more and more successful.

So What Are The Files That You Need To Back Up?

Next is to back up everything that you have on your old web hosting company. Your backup will act like insurance that whatever may happen you still have your files in tact. This includes HTML files, scripts, graphics, text files, documents and all other files needed for your website to work properly.

Once you have everything back up and received a confirmation from the new web hosting company that your account is activated, you can start the ball running. Read carefully the instructions on how to do file transfer from your old server to the new one. Or just upload all your files to your new server.

New Web Hosting:

It will also a good practice not to immediately cancel your account on your old web hosting company not until you have transferred all your files to the new one. Also, you have to ensure that the new one is working effectively so you may want to stick with your old provider for about 2 months just for your security. So try to preview your work if your new web hosting provider has that feature so you will know if everything is working fine.

Once you have everything in place, you can now use your new domain name server (DNS) which is usually provided by the new web hosting company. When you have your new site up and running, then you can now start your new web life with the new web hosting provider you have.