After being a member of Host Gator for four months, I have nothing but praise. I’ve tried a lot of web host, free and paid over the past year and I assure you that the service they offer for such a low price is phenomenal.I’m not going to lie; you will need to get familiar with the interface if you never used Cpanel before.But they have great tutorials, and video tutorials that will walk you threw each step, and if you get stuck at any point I know I did.They have 24/7 tech support that will literally walk you threw everything or do it for you.

HostGator Web Host Review

HostGator Review:

I had an issue with my web design software, uploading to my ftp server on HostGator,

After an hour of nearly instant chat support, the tech download my software, created a new ftp server, gave me the info to use it, then watched as I uploaded each file to ensure they made it to my public_html folder.

I would have never expected this high of tech support from a company that only makes less the 15 dollars a month from me. I’ve paid more then that an hour with previous help when I was using another hosting service.

Uptime what can I say; my site has literally been up for four months and has never been down. They offer unlimited traffic, uploads, downloads and more. I’ve been putting them to the test; I had 600 visitors for the month of September thus far and still no issues.

I’ve uploaded 3 gigabytes of files in a single day, and still no complaints on their end.

They offer so much for so little, this truly is one of the diamonds in the ruff sites that sound to good to be true, but deliver on everything they claim.

So if your looking for a place to invest a small fraction of money per month into for all the bells and whistles like php, mysql, java, Cpanel and more Look no further.

  • This host will give your personal or business site the flexibility and stability you desire.
  • Use any of your favorite web design software or one of their free ones in your Cpanel to get up and going.
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