Web hosting companies’ main responsibilities includes providing web space, services and server maintenance for companies or individuals who have a website. But did you know that there are various types of web hosting services? Try to check out this list and see which type of web hosting would best suit your website.Various Types of Web Hosting Services

Dedicated Hosting:

Dedicated Hosting is a hosting type that will allow you to rent a complete server which you can use for one or more websites. Transfer of assets is not necessary with this kind of hosting services because either your or the web host have possession of the equipment. Client will take full responsibility of the business procedures, strategic course and other tasks except for hosting operations which is taken cared by the provider.

Free Hosting:

This type of hosting does not require any fee. But since it is free, it has limitation with its features. It will usually provide you a small web space or will not allow you to have your own domain name. This type of web hosting is recommended for beginners or people who would like to create personal website.

Reseller Hosting:

Businessmen or entrepreneurs would prefer to have this type of hosting service. It will allow them to put up a business by simply acquiring the right to resell web hosting services. This is being offered by many Web Hosting Companies because they are able to sell more since this is considered as wholesale. Then reseller then would repackage the web host services and brand them as their own to attract different types of customers.

Root Server hosting:

Root Server is designed for technical savvy people who would wish to do whatever they want to do with their acquired web host domain since you will have access to the root server. With this type of hosting, the provider is only expected to be responsible of the hardware and installation issue. All other aspects will then be managed by the clients. This includes file backups, software upgrades and the like. Root Server hosting will allow you to choose hardware requirements and the type of systems that would best suit your needs.

Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting, also known as virtual hosting, works in such a way that customers use the same server where all files and application are saved. In this type of hosting, the web hosting provider manages the equipment and server. They may even have technicians who can manage and monitor these servers. Most companies prefer this type of hosting because it is proven to be efficient and cheaper. But some companies have different restrictions and benefits when it comes to shared hosting so it is better to ask so you know what you will get if ever you will opt for their service.

Choosing the best type of web hosting is not what you are after. Rather you need to know the needs of your website first and then you can easily choose which type of web hosting service will best fill in those needs.